tommy carroll “calculated discomfort”

I worked with Tommy Carroll on the design and merchandise for his album “Calculated Discomfort.” This design features a glitchy collage of a provided photograph (artist unknown). Because this album is a work of improvisation, I wanted to convey a sense of motion by using a variety of layers and design techniques to add graininess and noise to the photo. It gives the viewer a sense of something beautiful, but it's only found underneath many moving parts. The LCD style font usage is a play on the word “Calculated.”

He requested that I create a design for lighters as a merch item, so I went with the same font and parts of the album cover for the design.

tommy carroll “listening”


From Tommy about his album Listening, “It's also coming from the emotional place of being an auditory person in a visual world. The songs are pretty personal and all have lyrics, so there is also these underlying ideas of different types of listening: listening to the needs of others, listening to yourself in times of confusion, how it feels to truly be heard, etc.”

Tommy and I worked on conveying that together visually and I decided to take him to crowded places downtown and have him convey a sense of stillness amidst a rush of people.


aligned modern health

I provided creative direction to the web design company working with Aligned Modern Health on the creation of a new website. Aligned Modern Health wanted to give the brand a more modern feel and steer away from harsh contrasts in color from the previous website.

I came up with a new style guide during this process, including new fonts and colors to be used and associated with the brand. I created wireframes for every page of the new website and was active in all parts of the revision process.

flyers / posters